The Edging Of Pillows

Posted on January 26 2016

The Edging Of Pillows

When we talk about Decorative Pillows or Cushions, we think that they are all in similar shapes and the big difference between decorative pillows are the design and fabric of the pillow covers. However, the truth is that not only the fabric pattern needs to be designed, but also the edge of the pillows.

Let's take a look at some most popular edge design of today's decorative pillows: Knife Edge, Flanged, Self-Welted, Embellished With Ruffle or Trim.


Knife Edge

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A large percent of Gentille's modern pick decorative pillows has been designed with Knife Edge. This kind of simple looking edge design might be the design that stands out the least, but the most suitable and comfortable-looking design for modern decorative pillows.



The Flanged edge design is commonly used for bed pillow sham. It is also a great choice to use this design for large size pillow of 22" X 22", 24" X 24" and over.



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Apart from the simple designed Knife edge, the Self-Welted edge is also another non-eye-catching, but commonly used for a variety of decorative pillows. When Knife edge is too modern for a pillow with traditional and classic elements, Self-Welted edge is definitely the best choice.


Embellished with Ruffle Or Trim


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Edge embellished with Ruffle or Trim is the most elegant edge for decorative pillows. Any traditional European or classic designed pillow would be perfect to match edge with ruffle or trim.


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