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Matching the Luxury Decorative Pillows - Modern Yellow Matching White and Gray

Posted on March 28 2016

Yellow, a color that is bright, clean and warm. It is also a color that people most often associate with amusement, optimism and gentleness.

Yellow in the interior world today is most often associated with modern homes. Whether it is Modern North European or Modern American, yellow always bring brightness and cheerfulness. However, it cannot be denied that yellow is also one of the most difficult color to match. What is the best color to match such a color?

White, makes big contrast with yellow but well supports the color perfectly. Simply having these two colors brings up your room without a third color.

The Matching Decorative Pillows From

If you do not like having big contract with only yellow and white, adding gray can be a perfect idea to make your room warmer and more elegant. In this case, yellow does not need to be the main color, let gray be the main color and only use yellow and white to both highlight and support the gray.
The Matching Decorative Pillows From
We hope this article has given you some inspiration on how to match yellow, white and gray for your interior (^^) 


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