Matching the Luxury Decorative Pillows -The Everlasting Beads

Posted on March 31 2016

Matching the Luxury Decorative Pillows -The Everlasting Beads

Beads of gold beads, glass beads,sterling silver beads, there are countless types of beads used today on necklaces, earrings, decorative pieces on clothes as well as on decorative pillows. However, how many of us knew that beads existed since 70 thousand years ago.

Records show that beads found in the Blombos Cave (Western Cape, South Africa) were about 72,000 years old. Apart from Blombos Cave, there are also other ancient sites such as Ksar Akil in Leanon where old beads have been found.



The elegant and rich champagne gold is one of the best matching colors in the neoclassical style home. Whether it is the thin lines on the chandelier, the delicate crochet patterns on the mirror or the fine beads on the decorative pillows, they all make the greatest accessories in the neoclassical style home.   

The Matching Decorative Pillows From


The warm and vibrant Marsala red brings the neoclassical style home with unique mystery of temptation. However, the Marsala red also brings heaviness in its elegance. In order to light up the space, the designers of the decorative pillows have added bright white color to create stronger visual impact. 

The Matching Decorative Pillows From
When the rich and deep royal blue collides with neoclassic style, it immediately creates strong tradition, rich cultural heritage and elegant temperament. Both beaded pillows with blue and white beads add the finest detail to the neoclassicism. 
The Matching Decorative Pillows From



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