Matching the Luxury Decorative Pillows - Diamond Check Pattern

Posted on April 04 2016

Matching the Luxury Decorative Pillows - Diamond Check Pattern

The diamond check pattern has always been the popular design pattern among designers. Whether it is the Modern Minimalism, French Elegance or Neoclassicism, diamond check pattern always plays important roles in them.

Modern Minimalism

People often refer modern minimalism to simple style of furniture and decoration. However, simple in modern minimalism does not equal to "simple" in the meaning of "easy", but unadorned style. Most of the time, simple looking decoration style requires a designer to spend large amount of time in choosing the perfect decorative object to suit the whole space. Below selections picked black, white and grey as the three main colors and yellow as the highlighting color. The simple designed diamond check pattern pillows have not only highlighted the space, but also created cleanness, detail perfection and trendy modern temptation.

 The Matching Decorative Pillows From
French Elegance
French style is respected for its elegance, romance and nobility. It strives to provide deep elegant temperament with detailed lines, patterns and craftsmanship. The detailed line and patterns make the check pattern pillows elegantly stand out. The purple silk flower in matching the purple ottoman and floor rug gives the French elegance a fresh spring flavor.
 The Matching Decorative Pillows From
Neoclassicism, a style mixing the traditional romance and modern living passion, creates classicism as well as modern contemporaries. From simple to crowded looking arrangements, from space furniture coordination to detail of each piece of furniture and accessories, neoclassicism seeks perfection. The check pattern pillows never look too simple or too much, they added luxury details instead. 
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